Brighton Kite Flyers often known affectionately as the "BKF" was formed back in the 1970's. Since then it has developed and grown into  a flourishing club of kite flying enthusiasts from around the world.

Club kites

The club has a collection of kites which members are encouraged to  come along and fly at event where we are displaying or just having fun. Many are inflatables of all sizes, but not all (Teddy and Olly were the 1st to  be owned by the club).


Club members can often be seen sporting club clothing with our striking logo on, come along and say "Hello" - we are always willing to talk kites, kite flying and the club, and offer free  advice when needed.


We are always looking to  recruit new members what ever your ability, or type of kite you fly (if any yet), Junior members need to  be accompanied by an adult by are always welcome. (details for 2024 will be added soon)


The club run workshops where Kite designers  and makers come along and help us make kites. One of these was with a UK designer Martin Lester where we made his "Spirit" kite and this has become a theme often used by events where the "BKF" display.


Another of the inflatables that the club has become associated with is our members collection of multicoloured pigs and we can often be seen with upwards of 20 bouncing on the ground giving a colourful and fun display.

Projects for 2024 "Snow Dog"

The club is in the process of finalizing the design of the "Snow Dog" from the Snowman" movie, it has been adapted from a garden Christmas inflatable and modified so  it flies. If you would like to  get involved in making one please get in touch. Watch this space for updated information.